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How to get Free Zynga Poker Chips on Facebook

September 25th, 2013 by admin to Uncategorized

Zynga poker is the best poker game in Facebook, IOS, Android and Windows Mobile. It has the largest number of users base worldwide compared to any other application. The only bad thing is the amount of chips you got in your bankroll will be a huge difference talking about the gameplay you have and the type of players you will face. Lower levels are filled in with fish, donkeys and bingo players. This is good if you are looking to win some chips, but at the end this players won’t help you increase your poker skills. The best thing you can do is either buy or get free Zynga poker chips in order to have a higher bankroll and play in bigger tables.

If you don’t want go buy facebook poker chips the best option you have to gain chips in a fast way is to get them for free, this are various methods to do it.

Methods to get free zynga poker chips:

Spin the lucky bonus:

Zynga Poker Mega Lucky BonusThe Zynga Poker Mega lucky bonus is a mini game integrated in the left side of the lobby, you just need to click in an spin it, the payouts come on in from 500 chips up to 150,000,000 chips. There are 2 type of spins

Free spin: Where you spin for free and you can earn from 500 up to 1,000,000 chips. You can do it once every 8 hours.

Gold spin: This is the mega spin where you can win up to 150,000,000 chips

This is the payout table of the Lucky & Mega lucky bonus spins:

Mega lucky bonus payout table


Complete achievements

There are various achievements you can get through the game. New, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each one of them becomes harder to get but once you unlock any you will get free zynga poker chips immediately. You will get most or all of them simply by playing normally, some of them you will need to be in big hands and other you will need the help of poker buddies.

Poker Team Challenges

You can work out with your poker buddies and do poker team challenges, you can get from 500 up to 25,000 chips in. You will need 2 up to 5 poker buddies in order to win them.

Zynga poker team challenges

Daily bonus and friends invited

Every day, the first time you enter the poker app you will get a daily bonus, which depends on the amount of friends of Facebook you have on the poker app, the greater the number of friends the higher the daily reward of free Facebook poker chips you will get.


There are also collections that you get while you are playing, there are 4 collectives per group and usually you will need the help of a friend to get the 4th one. There are 3 different group of collectives:

Lucky charms: This will get you 5,000 chips + 100 XP

Bling: This will get you 10,000 chips + 200 XP

Dice: This will get you 25,000 chips + 500 XP

Follow Zynga through Facebook & Twitter

free zynga poker chips rewards through their posIf you follow up closely Zynga in Facebook & Twitter you will notice most their status updates come up in with free giveaway of poker chips all the time, follow them closely and you will get them easily.


DO NOT download fake generators or  install applications that will provide you “free chips”

There are many hackers in Zynga poker and many of them will try to get your poker chips with various method, a real popular one that many people fell in for are:

Zynga poker chips generator:

This is a free zynga poker chips generator

This pseudo generators are no more than Trojans, key-loggers or virus which will either infect your computer with a virus or will give the developers of this applications your login and password of your Facebook account. Never download this generators you will end up loosing all your chips.

Avoid websites claiming they will give you free zynga or Facebook poker chips if you like or install and app

There are various websites who claim they can give you free chips in exchange for: Likes, shares or installing an app in facebook. Be aware none of them will provide you chips and sometimes this apps that you install in Facebook will get details from your profile such as Email, friends, personal information, etc…

Avoid this websites at all cost. An example of how they look is below:

Example of a fake website claiming to give away facebook chips

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