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What makes your website unique compared to other websites who sell facebook poker chips?

Lowest price guaranteed!

Be sure to find the best pricing in our website, we have a huge network of suppliers which ensures us to provide you with the best possible price, we will sell you at a market price. Don't pay 20-50% more compared to other websites, we will give you the best most fair and best price for you.

Redeem within minutes

Most competitor sites will make you wait hours or even days to deliver your order. They don't have a proper and efficient support.

WE DO and we will deliver you in matter of minutes after your order is confirmed. Don't wait up hours; we do it in an average time of 10 minutes!

24 Hours Online Support

We have set up a 24 hour Support online for any inquire or order delivery you have! Most website work 8 to 10 hours shifts, we do it 24/7 the 365 days of the year. This will grant you access to your chips at any moment you purchase. Don't worry if its 2 or 5am, we are online, just click our livesupport and redeem your Facebook poker chips

Secure Transactions & Payments

We are the most secure website online, we have been online since 2009 and we have great knowledge in how to transfer in a secure way which will avoid possible bans or suspension. We simply are the best and most secure at the market to deal with. Don't wait up more and buy Facebook poker chips from our website.

About GagaChips

Our mission is to provide you Facebook chips with the lowest prices on the market, in a fast way and insuring you that your account will remain safe. This helps us keep happy customers which will come back if they need it in the future. We are committed to you and we work 24/7 in order to deliver every order and keep our customers staked at any moment.

Why you should buy our packages?

There are various reasons to do so, such as:

Save yourself time:

Think about how much time it will take you in order to get into the big tables? A rough answer would be weeks, months or even years. We take you there in matter of minutes and save you all this time which you can use it in other forms, at the end you pay a small cost for your time which surely is worth more than what you pay us.

Avoid low level tables:

Let's face it, small tables are horrible. They are filled in with bad players, donkey and bingo players. There is no fun in playing at these levels; you will only make tantrums with the people inside these tables. Your best option is to get into the big tables and enjoy poker.

Build a better bankroll:

Even if you have reached the high stake tables, you might have a horrible bankroll, you better keep at least 500 to 1000 big blinds in order to reduce the luck factor.

How to buy?

You must follow up these simple steps:

Step 1:

Choose the package you like to buy.

Step 2:

Pay and wait for your confirmation code that will arrive to your email.

Step 3:

Enter our livesupport, talk to our operators, provide us your confirmation code and redeem your chips.

How fast is the process of delivery?

We have the fastest delivery of orders online. It will take us in between 5 to 20 minutes to deliver your Facebook poker chips. It all depends if you read properly the instructions and follow them up. It will also depend on the amount of chips you have, If you have a lot of them we could do it in 1 or 2 hands, but don't worry, if you have a really small amount it will take is a bit more, 5 to 10 minutes more. At the end we do it in an average time of 10 minutes.

Can I get suspended from buying from you?


We have been in the market since 2009, so we know how to avoid bans or suspension, we 100% guarantee that you won't get banned. The only way you can get banned is IF you transfer your chips imitating our methods to any third party such as family, friends or any other third party. If you simply receive the chips you will remain safe at all time.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept a wide range of payments:

Credit card, paypal, moneygram, western union, bank wire, bitcoins, perfect money and many others. If you have any other form of payment simply ask our operators and we will check if we can accept it or not!

Refund policy

We will refund your money under 2 different circumstances:

1) If we fail to deliver your chips, this NEVER happens, we always deliver your chips

2) If you request a refund before receiving your chips

We won't issue any refund once your order has been delivered, every order delivered is final.