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Why we are the best Zynga Poker Chips seller?

We offer the cheapest prices online

The best reason that you could note down is that we are the site with the lowest prices in the market. We work to provide you with the lowest prices possible. This keeps our customers happy and insures us that they will come back if needed. It's better to have 1 happy customer that will tell a friend than an angry one that will tell thousands of friends.

Fastest transfer online

How many times have you used a site to buy Zynga poker chips and they will delay hours to deliver your order? This has happened to many of our customers who used other websites in the past.

We will deliver you in just a couple of minutes, it will take us 5 to 20 minutes in order to deliver your chips. Again you will be happy from using our services.

Live/Online Support 24-365

We have a large team hired to ensure that you will receive a 24 hour service the 365 days of the year. Don't worry if a national holiday, we will work that day to deliver your Zynga chips! Don't worry if it's christmas or new year and you want to buy, WE WORK THAT DAY FOR YOU!!! We work pretty much every single day of the year the 24 hours of they day. What other website selling Zynga Chips offers you this?

100% Secure Transfers Methods

We have tested every single method of transfer to ensure 2 things when you want to buy cheap Zynga poker chips for sale from us. First that is the most efficient and fast, so you can redeem fast and easy. The second and most important is that our methods of transfer are risk-FREE of ban or suspension. You won't need to worry about those nasty transfer that might put in danger your account, we do it in an easy but still organic way.

About us

Our website is committed to deliver you the highest amount of chips for the least amount of money in a fast, secure and easy way. We have the idea that one happy customer will come back and will tell a couple of friends about us. Bad websites only seek a short terms return, we don't! We seek to be in the business in a long term. Even if our margins are lower at the end we will be glad to keep happy customers and keep them for a long time.

Main reasons to buy Zynga Poker chips:

These are the main reasons:

Time is money, don't waste it:

If you lost all your chips and you had a large stack, ask yourself a question, How long did it take you to get that amount? Months right? Even years for some players, imagine going back to the high stake tables from your own or starting from 0? We take you there in just a couple of minutes.

Recover from bad luck or bad beats:

You might had a great hand, let's say a full house, but your opponent had Quads of even worst a straight flush or a royal flush and you bet all your bankroll! You lose it all and now you can't get back up. We help you to recover yourself by offering our cheap Zynga poker chips.

Tired of crappy tables

Let's face it. Small tables are the worst tables ever, there are crappy tables, fish players, donkeys, bingo players, a mixture of all the worst poker players ever. These tables provide you zero fun and you can't really improve your poker skills on them. Forget them and get back on track in the better and higher high stake Facebook poker tables.

How does the process to buy works?

It's fast and easy:

Step 1:

Enter our website, review or packages and choose the one that suits you the best.

Step 2:

Purchase and pay your order using our secure gateway, wait a couple of minutes and check your email for our confirmation.

Step 3:

As soon as you have seen and noted down your confirmation code, enter our website livechat and talk to our representatives, they will guide you through the process to redeem.

How long will I wait to receive the Zynga poker chips I purchased?

You won't need to wait, that is why we have a 24/7 livesupport. As soon as you pay and enter our live chat you are ready to go and receive your chips, as simple as that. Don't wait hours or days like other websites make you wait. Just enter our website and redeem fast.

Can I get banned from purchasing these chips?

Definitely NO!

We have done tens of thousands of transfers, we know how to transfer properly and avoid bans or suspension. Just follow up the instructions to redeem your cheap zynga poker chips and you are ready to go.

What methods of payment do you offer?

We have many forms of payment:

First and easiest is with your credit card, but don't worry. If you don't have a credit card you can pay with PayPal, Bank wire, moneygram, western union, Perfect Money, Bitcoins, Ukash, CashU, bank transfer, paysafe card and many other. Just ask us and we will check what is the easiest for you and us.

Do you offer refunds on the orders?


We will refund under 2 circumstances:

1) You want a refund before you have received your order.

2) When you buy zynga poker chips and we aren't able to deliver them due to any technical reason


The only reason we won't refund your order is if we already have delivered it, anytime we deliver it is a final sale.